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The Red Bird Songwriter’s Showcase February 28, 2008

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We had the opportunity to attend and play a few of our original songs at the Redbird Songwriter’s Showcase in Maumee, at the Maumee Indoor Theatre.  The host, Tedd Swartz, invited Jeff and myself, Sherri, to come and sing a few of our songs that we have written on February 14th, 2008.

We must admit, we were unsure of how it would be recieved… afterall, this was not a bluegrass songwriter’s showcase, rather a acoustic, americana, ah, easy listening sort of crowd to the best of our understanding.  And we couldn’t bring the whole band!  (agh!  We love playing with our whole band!  And well, banjo and bass duets are not really found much in bluegrass… sorry….)  But it was an honor to be asked, so we went.

We met some wonderful people, exposed a audience to our style of writing and had a very nice time.  We got to play our new song, “Follow Me” as well as “Brother Ben”, Back Home in West Virginia”  and a brief round of the instrumental “Backroads” which was a bit thin since it was just Sherri taking a break like 4 times.  (haha)

Still, anytime we get a chance to bring new people into the fold and giving the public a chance to hear some live bluegrass music, then it’s a good thing.

Check out the Redbird Songwriter’s Showcase if you’re in the area… you can learn more at the website…   www.teddswartz.com


New Glass City Opry Podcast is done! November 24, 2007

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Yep, we have made another edition of our podcast….

You can learn all about the Glass City Opry and hear Deepwater’s own, Jeff and Sherri, talk on and on about all the cool things for the venue in the metropolitian Toledo Ohio area of Maumee!


Be sure to drop in, take a listen and here some great bluegrass music!

It’s Jamming Saturday at Vern’s! November 24, 2007

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Hey everyone…. better get down to Gibsonburg tomorrow night…. the first jam at the new Vern’s Bluegrass Barn is coming up!!!

November 24, 2007…. Saturday! Starts at 6:00 p.m.

We’re so looking forward to being there! I’m bringing my camera and coming down to have a great time picking and visiting! We so miss everyone out at the Woodville jam!!! We hope that you will all be there.

The following jams will be:
December 1st and 15th
January 5th and 19th
February 2nd and 16th
March 1st and 15th!

You can learn more by calling (419) 307-3024
Or visit at:

1990 County Road 62 – Gibsonburg, OH 43431

See you there!!!!!!

New Bluegrass Tips Website October 26, 2007

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There’s a new website out there and it’s got a neat look!

It’s called www.BluegrassMusicTips.com

Basically, it’s a website devoted to all sorts of tips about bluegrass music from bands to instruments and picking, festivals, events and so much more.

And if you submit a tip that get’s published, you get to post your favorite link as a thank you! What a great way to get your own band, event or blog out to the bluegrass community as well as sharing great information! Go and check it out!


Banner for the new bluegrass website, Bluegrass Music Tips.com

New Podcast is Up! October 19, 2007

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Yes, we managed to get another Glass City Opry podcast done and in the can. Actually, it’s more, in the computer, but I think you understand! I think we got our technology just a little better on this one… thanks to Mike, we made some little pop screens for our headset mics and that really helped to get rid of the tin can reverby sound of the first one.

I know it’s not totally about Deepwater…. but of course, we mention a lot of good stuff about Toledo area bluegrass and of course, it’s a little self-serving, since we do get to mention the band too! What a deal….

So go and take a look (or a listen) if you’d like!