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Looking for a Mini-Disc Mic April 9, 2007

Posted by deepwaterbg in Recording Equipment.
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Well, we’re woodshedding our new band, and we have a great additional member to the band and are now a foursome. Much better for bluegrass! (Less breaks for the banjo player!) We’re recording the practices and have a sony mini-disc recorder for most of the time. Problem is, that little thing is so selective and just LOVES to pick up the banjo and the bass and drown out everything else.

I just have a little omni-directional 1/4 plug in mic that I bought on Ebay. It’s okay, but it’s really not good. It’s too small, too cheap and well, just okay. I started looking around for a good 1/4 plug in mic, maybe like a condenser mic? I found one called a Sony ECM-MS907 and it’s about $80. (more than the mini-disc… hahaha) But it will plug into ANY 1/4 recording device, including the laptop! That’s cool. Another is the Audio-Technica PRO 24… About $70 on ebay. Not sure which to choose!!! Any suggestions out there???


Drum Machine is Here! February 23, 2007

Posted by deepwaterbg in Recording Equipment.
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Hey, after seeing another of these little marvels and finding out that they have a great bluegrass bass-mando chop beat to practice too, I just had to go and get one of these off of eBay… my favorite recording studio equipment shopping place!

It’s called a Zoom MRT-3B and if you’re careful, you can get one off Ebay for about 60-90 dollars. They do a TON of stuff, so if you ever want to lay down some percussion drums or snares just like Bobby and Sonny used to do in the 70’s grass, you’re ready to just pipe it into your recording. Or it can be great to practice and smooth out your banjo rolls and such. Since we’re not playing with a permanent mando player, it should help to add a little dimension to practice when we don’t have a sub helping us out.

Should be helpful in many ways, and a great piece of new equipment to play with. Now all we need is a good pair of studio moniters… nearly done accumulating gear for the first round!

Ear Monitors February 18, 2007

Posted by deepwaterbg in Recording Equipment.
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An ear monitor system for bluegrass musicians
Well, we’re hardly ready for the road, but still, this was a neat thing that I found.

Apparently, the thought is that ear monitors, those cool little buds that slip in your ear, and work off of remote wireless technology, were expensive and only for folks like Mountain Heart or Lonesome River Band… but fear not! Ebay to the rescue!

I found a LOT of these systems on eBay… just waiting for you to bid and buy. And a 5 piece system was selling with a “buy it now” price of only $315! (Plus $12.99 shipping and handling) Now, that’s really not that expensive… and to be able to overcome the constant difficulty of shall we say, normally not-so-great monitor systems at some bluegrass events… at less than $75 dollars a guy? Shoot, that’s an easy call.

Not sure of the quality or the type and such, but their feedback was good.

Consider typing in the eBay search… “Ear Monitor”